“Rick has pretty much been the only mechanic I’ve used since buying my Orca in 2004. When I’ve had to take my bike to another shop, I usually end up back at Rick’s to redo the repair right. Rick has been great in helping with preventative maintenance. He fixes what I ask for, then offers suggestions on what else my bike needs to keep it running smoothly. I may end up buying more than I planned, but my bike is always in top condition. Rick always remembers exactly what he’s done before, and all my bike’s specs, so I never have to explain what I need. He also knows how and where I ride, and ensures my bike upgrades match my riding interests.”

Wynne Odell – Odell Brewing Co.

Wynne Rides: Orbea Orca, Trek 950

“I began serious riding in 1974 after I got out of the service. I was back in school and had no money but lots of time, so I did all my own wrenching. As bicycles evolved, I bought more specialized tools and found it took more time to maintain my bike[s] than it used to take. With more money than time, I soon found myself taking my bike to “the shop” for service.

I quickly learned that I would still need to ‘tweak the tuneup’ when I got the bike back because nobody returned the silent, smooth-shifting machine I had become accustomed to riding when I was doing my own work. Until Rick Woy. I can now head out on the first ride after a tuneup without taking along extra tools and my cell phone.

I’m pleased/relieved to have found such a skilled, conscientious, mechanic whom I can recommend to friends, especially if they have Campagnolo equipment. My experience is that NO ONE in Fort Collins can effectively service Campy except Rick.”

Ed Gregori – Physical Therapist

Ed Rides: Serotta Ottrott, 1985-vintage custom steel commuter, Trek 950

“While I had heard a good bike mechanic might be one of the most important pieces to the cycling puzzle, I didn’t have a real appreciation for the statement until I met Rick Woy of The Phoenix Cyclery. My relationship with Rick is one I could not do without. He is without question, the best “wrench” in town!

But Rick is much more than an excellent bike mechanic. He is a Serotta certified bike fit specialist; something most of us could take advantage of. In search of the correct bike fit, I had gone to three other bike fit “specialists” in Northern Colorado. I thought I was getting good service until I had a professional fitting by Rick at The Phoenix Cyclery. He not only corrected several components of my positioning, but took the time to explain why the new position would maximize my power.

I have been impressed with Rick’s customer service attitude towards taking care of my cycling needs. He understands what it means to be without my bike and goes overboard to get my bike back to me as quickly as possible whenever I take it in for any repairs. The best part is that he does the work right the first time, instead of what had been my experience with other mechanics when I had to take the bike back for incomplete work.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rick Woy of The Phoenix Cyclery. In my opinion, he is the best bike mechanic in Northern Colorado!”

Carlos Alers – Director Corporate HealthCare, West Zone.

Carlos’ Rides: Colnage Dream HP, Trek 1000

“Although I’ve been to just about every Fort Collins bike shop, I prefer Rick at The Phoenix Cyclery. Rick’s bike fitting services are superior to any others in town.
With other shops, it took about 5 minutes for a bike fitting. Hardly enough time for any accuracy. Rick took the time, about an hour, to measure the angles and distances of everything to ensure a proper fit. And now my neck pains are gone. It’s also good to have a bike mechanic that knows what you ride, where you ride, how you ride, etc. I don’t have to tell some random bike mechanic my entire biking history every time I walk into a shop. Rick knows that I’ve got, where I ride, how I ride, and knows what’s right for me and knows what I want.

Thanks Rick!”

Cameron Way

Cameron Rides: Astrix Monk 29er